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What To Give For Housewarming? Traditions and Innovations

Housewarming is a celebration of finding a new place where you can relax and unwind, enjoying peace and security. And it so happened that the guests invited to this on holiday bring something useful or beautiful to the owners of a new apartment or house.

In this article you will learn:

  • Reasons to Celebrate Housewarming
  • Gifts for the kitchen
  • Gifts for the living room
  • Gifts for the bedroom
  • Housewarming Gift Traditions

Reasons Housewarming

Typically, new home celebrated for several reasons:

Reason #1. If you were invited to celebrate the purchase of a new apartment or your own home, you should take into account the fact that the owners of the apartment may not even have the most basic items, for example, a gas stove, refrigerator or any furniture. Therefore, it is worthwhile to seriously ask the new settlers what they lack to find a useful and “long-playing” gift.

Reason #2. Housewarming – the end of the overhaul of an existing apartment, a complete renovation of the interior in the house. A rare holiday in our area, because, as you know, repair is a state of mind 🙂 If the interior is updated, it will be more interesting with gifts: since the owners took the time and the finances to finish the repair completely, they consider it to be complete. That is, it will be inappropriate to drag an armchair into a high-tech apartment. But a cool bottle of wine or a creative vase of universal use – just right.

Reason #3. Housewarming – relocation of a young family, couple or just friends to a new rented apartment. Holiday of a couple moving in space-time as molecules of Brownian motion. Mobility is important for these children, because today they hang out at a disco, pass exams tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow they gather abroad. Therefore, gifts should be light and portable – a fun night light or cool bedding.

As you already understood, age and status are also very important. And also the expectation of the hosts themselves. After all, if you are simply invited to dinner and see a new apartment, and you locked up a freezer, which is “useful in the household” while people still have no sensible bed, it will turn out uncomfortable somehow. So, having received an invitation to a housewarming party, ask who else will be, what will be in the program of the evening, how can you help newcomers. Such intelligence will not be superfluous.

So, gifts. We deal in order!

Kitchen Utensils (In The Broad Sense Of The Word)

Designer mouse will stylishly serve the most refined cheese!

Although this gift is quite commonplace, but if you give it to young people, they will certainly be happy. You want to eat every day, and you need to cook something, and for this you need to have enough dishes.

Life hack! If you are carrying a pan, put the pickled meat in it! The hosts will definitely appreciate! 😉

Anything To Drink Tea. Or Not Necessarily Tea 🙂

You bring a mug – put a mug of good tea in the mug. In teapots, you can put silver spoons with engraving. Also a good present. And to the set of glasses add a bottle, even a tiny one, of a delicious aged drink.

Do Not Give:


Well, it’s not that a bad gift, but suddenly, the owners are very impressionable and superstitious.


The issue is sensitive. Buy only if it was remembered, wanted, agreed.


Then again about what else you can give. Universal gifts will do. Choose bright colours, lively and interesting, combined with the tastes and hobbies of the owners.

Housewarming Gifts For The Living Room

Stylish bedspreads, pillow sets, rugs or beautiful curtains.

In order not to miss, find out at least the colour scheme of the room.

Breakfast table, which is placed on the bed or coffee table

For joyful and super-lazy breakfasts in bed 😉 And breakfasts that smoothly flow into lunch.

Chandelier, bedside lamp, set of wall lamps or floor lamp

A difficult gift, because light is the soul of the room, and you need to be very careful with it.

Works of art and attributes for paintings, panels, figurines, tapestries, wall fans, waterfalls, wind music and others

Do not give carpets. Well, just hold back and don’t give carpets 🙂

Live plants or flowers in pots, as well as vases for bouquets

If the apartment or house is large, you can give a floor palm tree or creeper.

Housewarming Gifts In The Bedroom

A set of soft pillows or a set of bed linen.

You need to know a) the size of the bed, b) preferences in the materials of linen.

Warm mat

Yes, our people do not like to walk on the cold floor, but on the shaggy and warm floor it is cool. Just don’t give such that it is impossible to vacuum them. This is bad manners.

Book shelf or rack for clothes

Often givers lack intricacy on such gifts. And in vain, because it is unique and useful.

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Charms, religious paintings and figurines, “little houses” and symbolism

All this is only for close friends who are sure that they give. The standard amulets of Australian houses are lush embroidered elements at the entrance to the house or above the icons, symbols of the nest, wreaths from field crops decorated with flowers, holy water, crosses, and images.

Mental key keeper – the charm of your hall Click, take a housewarming holiday!

Hand-made: from spin and home-made wine to chopped stumps from hemp. Such gifts, made by yourself, will never be rejected by the owners, as this is the real work of the hands of friends and relatives on the comfort of home. Only you should try so that your hand-made is not ashamed 🙂


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