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What Can Not Be Obsessed When Buying Furniture Online

Furniture stores offer buyers a wide range of products in a different price range. Among them you can find very inexpensive products and without unnecessary financial costs fully furnish an apartment, country house or office. However, is there always such an economy of reason? How long will the economy class furniture last? Do you have any option to repair, or even buy a new one after a short time? Let’s find out what you need to pay special attention to.

The Branded Furniture

This is just not the most important thing. Sometimes the cost of products of popular brands is much more expensive than similar models of less “promoted” manufacturers. In this case, the main component of such a high price is not the cost of materials or the complexity of the work, but the cost of advertising. At the same time, there are a lot of little-known domestic and foreign factories that produce furniture of decent quality at an affordable price.

Furniture In The Living Room

The living room is the face of the apartment or home and everything should be top notch. First of all – the appearance of the furniture. Do not buy cheap, typical headsets with a casual finish. Give preference to a beautiful, seasoned in a single style solution kits with a thought-out to the smallest detail design that will be in harmony with the decoration of the entire room.

Choose sofas, armchairs or soft corners for a rest area with a thick, easy-to-wash leather, jacquard, microfiber lining. Flock, viscose, polyester are much cheaper, but, unfortunately, quickly wipe, accumulate dust, have low moisture resistance. Foam filler sofas in the first year of operation begins to subside and lose shape. But natural and synthetic latex is durable, reliable, well withstands constant mechanical loads, hypoallergenic.

If you plan to use the sofa also as a bed, then it is important to pay attention to the transformation mechanism. Rather expensive sofa bed justifies its cost simplicity in operation and durability. An additional advantage is minimal contact with the floor when unfolding, which helps protect it from scratches and dents.


Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen set made by the individual project – pleasure not from cheap. But such costs are absolutely justified. When creating it, the dimensions and layout of the room, the location of pipes and sockets, the presence and quantity of household appliances are taken into account. Properly chosen configuration of the cabinets will allow you to hide minor defects of the walls, make rational use of ledges, niches, corners.


The working surfaces of economy-class kitchen tables of chipboard swell and deform under the influence of water, emit formaldehyde dangerous for humans, have low impact resistance, resistance to food acids, scratches, and high temperatures. Heavy-duty products made of natural stone afford not every buyer. However, they have an equivalent alternative – countertops made of quartz agglomerate. They can cut food, put hot dishes, and use any cleaning products without risk to the appearance and performance.

Storage Furniture

Sliding wardrobes are ideal for compact placement of a mass of things – from clothes and shoes to small household appliances. The main thing – do not save when choosing elements of internal content. The functionality of the product as a whole depends on it. Along with traditional shelves, drawers, bars, you can add a wardrobe with retractable holders for accessories, multi-level roll-out baskets, iron and ironing board fixtures, niches with dryers for shoes, end hangers, etc.

To the note: reliable ball guides for the boxes can withstand twice the load than roller ones. Promote smooth, silent operation. For safe and comfortable operation of wardrobes, you need to take care of the selection of reliable elements of door fittings. The best options are:

  • Aluminum profiles and guides with anodized or PVC-coated. Lightweight, durable, do not fade in the sun, aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic.
  • Symmetrical rollers with bearings to prevent noise when opening. Provide installation of doors without distortions and its harmonious, accurate work.
  • In the presence of more than two shutters – steel stoppers for reliable fixation of open door panels
  • Silicone seals with soft brushes to protect the cabinet body from shock.

Upper support sliding systems of wardrobes are class lux. They are more difficult to install, but they are distinguished by the reliability of fastening even massive, heavy doors.

The Beds

The key to a good rest and healthy sleep is the right bed. One of the main criteria for quality is the presence of an orthopedic base of a lattice structure. Its advantages over standard solid frames include:

  • Proportional load distribution
  • Free air circulation. Provides constant airing of mattresses, prevents the occurrence of mold and dust mites
  • Therapeutic and prophylactic effect on the body
  • Grown spring effect

Double products with adjustment function allow you to adjust the stiffness of each zone of the base individually for each person. The price of plastic orthopedic bases is 10% higher than usual, wooden – by 15-20%.


What Furniture Do Not Need To Buy?

In conclusion, we offer a short list of characteristic defects of furniture products. If the selected model has at least one of them, then it is better to refrain from buying:

  • A strong, pronounced smell of chemicals
  • Large, uneven gaps at the joints
  • Streams of glue, varnish, paint
  • Uneven deferment of upholstered furniture covers
  • Carelessly made back wall of products
  • Loose handles
  • Cheap plastic fittings
  • Drawers without closets that are not fully retractable or, on the contrary, drop down
  • Visible fasteners on the sides of cabinet furniture
  • Rough, scratched or dented wooden facades
  • Products from chipboard without a protective edge
  • Lack of certificates of compliance with technical and environmental standards


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