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Tough As Hell Books Storage In Home Or Apartment

E-books, tablets, smartphones … Gadgets today are used everywhere, but they do not force out paper literature. In any family there is a small collection of books, textbooks, magazines. And the larger the collection, the sharper the question arises – where to store it? Our guide will help you how to competently and beautifully organize the storage of literature.

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The traditional option for decorating the library is a bookcase. Its depth is minimal and varies from 30 to 40cm, which makes it possible to arrange the structure even in a small room. The glass facades of the bookcase open access to the contents of all the shelves, at the same time protecting your collection from dust and facilitate cleaning.

Compact free-standing bookcases suitable for storing a small collection of works or textbooks. For the bulk collection you can order a built-in wardrobe. It will be a logical continuation of the interior and a real decoration of the room. By the way, built-in models can occupy space from the floor to the ceiling – the upper “mezzanine” shelves will be useful for storing a variety of things. Thinking through the filling of a massive structure, do not forget about the lighting: LED-lights, bulbs built into the ledge, popular today “clothespins” that can be turned in any direction.

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An affordable and easy way to store books – open shelving. Usually they are placed along the walls. However, setting yourself in order to zone the space, you can position the rack and across the room. As in the case of cabinets, storage systems are freestanding and built-in. In small-sized shelves under the shelves often involve all possible surfaces: a wall above the sofa or fireplace, a pier above the door and even under the attic ceiling. Shelves have only one significant disadvantage. Dust quickly accumulates on the shelves, which means it will have to pay close attention to cleaning.

Rows Of Shelves

Bookshelves are good because they can be completely different shapes and sizes. Rectangular classic or original multi-tiered structures in the form of honeycombs, rhombuses, etc. Choose the option that is suitable for a particular situation. The shelves are good in the work area or above the TV, next to a lounge chair or a coffee table. Pay attention to modern design solutions – thanks to the “invisible” fastenings of the book, it seems to hang in the air.

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Non-Standard Tricks

If there is not enough free space in the apartment to organize a full-fledged library, do not be upset – even a small room has great potential. Cover the corners of the room with bookshelves, use the space under the bed, or fold the stacks of books into the recess of the decorative fireplace.

An original solution would be to buy furniture with niches provided for storage. A sofa with a functional armrest, a coffee table with an extra shelf, a pouf with an internal drawer, a wardrobe with a corner element for books – a combination of several of these items will easily solve the problem of storing a small collection of printed publications.

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