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TOP 10 Gravely Halloween Gift Ideas for Australia

When October 31 comes, we (Aussie) usually do not bother with what to give for Halloween, and most importantly – how to give. We comfort ourselves with the hope that now you can buy everything you want in stores or online. But when only a few days remain before the cherished date, we suddenly catch ourselves and begin to think to how to please anyone with a valuable gift?  Moreover, on such a magical holiday, everyone wants surprises, unexpected gifts

30 Seconds Of History

To understand what to give for Halloween or the Evening of All Saints, you need to know what kind of holiday it is. By the way, very young for Australia. In Scotland, where the holiday was born, on the night of November 1, it is customary to dress up in costumes, take a “Jack lamp” with you and go home, asking for sweets. The invariable attributes of the holiday are pumpkin, costumes of characters of horror films (Scream, Mummy, etc.) and black and orange light scheme. From here it becomes clear that Halloween is celebrated mainly by young people. And that means gifts should be youthful, thematic and fun. Having said this we should not forget people like husband, father, mother, wife, grandmother, grandfather on Halloween.

TOP 10 Halloween Gifts In Australia

  1. In the last minute you can buy online paintings, cushions, a variety of posters, wall clocks are good options for gifts. If you get anything that reflect the theme of the holiday, it will add value!
  2. Second place is of kitchen utensils. Imagine a friend’s reaction when he/she receives a dinner set, coffee or tea cups by Maxwell and Williams or thermo mug with a ghost or some kind of monster.
  3. Homewares with strange, and sometimes even scary, images stopped in honorable third place. For example, a quilt cover, a towel, a rug with prints and splashes of blood, or a shower curtain with a person’s shadow.
  4. Theme-4 closes with thematic souvenirs with variations on the theme of pumpkins, photo frames, vases and bowls, holders for paper clips or wall art photographs in the form of the devil, original trinkets. Especially popular are the figures of witches, figurines of vampires, bats and Gothic porcelain dolls.
  5. In fifth place are “battered” candles, lamps and candlesticks of various shapes. A moonlight lamp or a ceramic pumpkin-shaped candlestick will remind you of the holiday and will simply cheer you up.
  6. In the condemned sixth place are an armchairs and outdoor settings for parents. For example, for a grandparents you can pick up an armchair. For husband/ wife you can choose outdoor settings and your selection will be truly rewarded.
  7. On the offensive seventh place are various rugs. As a gift, you can bring oriental rugs, a cowhide rugs, and a modern rugs with an image from a horror movie.
  8. Closes the top three sets for tattooing, body painting and professional makeup. One of the attributes of Halloween is a mask or a painted face, and therefore a set of makeup will never be superfluous.
  9. In a well-deserved ninth place are furniture, bed, bed heads, sofas, sideboards, office desks, office chairs, chest of drawers, bookcases.
  10. And in the tenth place the real “lighting” from a real pumpkin reigns supreme. You can make it yourself, there would be a desire, but there is always an opportunity. The main attribute of Halloween will conquer and surprise anyone.


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