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Serving The Table For The New Year

The New Year is already on its way, which means it’s time to think about how our festive table will look like. And now we are not talking about the New Year’s menu, but about serving. Modern trends allow you to choose something the most attractive for yourself without breaking the astrological rules.

Decorators claim that to create beauty and comfort at the festive table this New Year, you can use one of four style variations:

Scandinavian Style

The style of interior decoration, which came to us from the Scandinavian countries, is popular not only on ordinary days of the year, but also on holidays. It is based on white color. This is a white tablecloth and white dishes. Decorators advise adding silver cutlery as an accent color.

But the design of the New Year’s table does not end there. In addition, small vases or even glasses should be placed on the festive table, in which there will be bouquets of spruce branches.

Country Style

Not so long ago, country-style items began to appear in stores selling home decor. If in America this style is an integral part of the holiday, in our country (Australia) it is just gaining momentum.

To decorate the New Year’s table in country style, you will need lace napkins, plates with a worn effect, vintage cutlery. As a supplement, you can use a clay pot with a small herringbone. Also place candlesticks with white candles on the table.


This year we realized how cluttered our houses are, how much unnecessary things are in our lives. So why not prepare a minimalist festive table? Choose black and white. For example, the dishes can be light shades, but the tablecloth with napkins can be used as a counterweight.

If we talk about decorative elements, then it is enough to set a small Christmas tree with a couple of toys in the middle of the table, or put a small spruce twig on empty plates.

Eco Style

This option for decorating the space and, accordingly, the festive table is ideal for those who care about the world around them. Twigs of trees and numerous cones are ideal for decorating the table. You can go further – using these details, together with the children, make some funny animals, arrange them on the New Year’s table.

For crockery and cutlery, use serving trays, dishes made of wood. The main thing is a large number of natural materials.


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