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Scandinavian Style Bizarre In The Interior Of The Apartment

Scandinavian interior – a style characterized by brevity, functionality, simplicity and comfort. Scandi focuses on large amounts of light and eco-friendly materials. The Scandinavian style personifies the harmony of man with nature.

History Of Origin Of Style

The history of the Scandinavian style began in the eighteenth century, when King Gustav III abandoned pathos, empire style and rococo luxury in favor of natural white light and wood trim. This type of interior was quickly picked up by the Finns, Norwegians and Swedes. To date, Sweden is a fan of the Scandinavian style, and the Swedish concern can be found in major cities around the world.


Characteristic Features Of The Style:

White Colour

The walls in the Scandinavian style are painted white. Scandinavian “bare” walls do not distract attention from the original accents in the interior.

Unlimited Amount Of Light

The main task – to involve natural light. From here, scandi-style windows are always large. Curtains can be made of transparent fabrics, but often absent.

Sophisticated Artificial Light

Unsuited spots, lamps, complex lighting schemes, LED lights and floor lamps – appear in any room of the apartment and highlight everything in its path. Since the excess of natural light must be compensated by artificial.

All Natural

This style is expressed through the texture of natural materials. Wooden beams, wood upholstery with minimal processing combined with natural textiles, leather, glass and ceramics.


Simple Geometry

The lack of furniture in the “grandmother’s” style and complex futuristic forms. The main peculiarity of the scandi style is laconic transforming sofas, modular designs with drawers, rattan racks and accessories.

A Lot Of Plants

Fresh flowers add colour to the northern style. Flower pots, green vases and hanging pots are an excellent addition to the laconic furniture.

Accessories In The Style Of Scandi

Porcelain tableware placed on open shelves, candles, mirrors, as well as designer lamps can serve as an addition to the interior.


In this style, all space harmoniously merges into a single whole, where every laconic element of furniture does not weigh down the room.


Creating a room in the Scandinavian style, remember that it offers affordable solutions, allows you to intelligently organize the space and visually increase the footage. In addition, this neutral style can also serve as a basis for the realization of individual ideas about beauty.


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