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Interior Designer Reveals New Style of Outdoor Furniture That Will Surprise You!

Are you going to have breakfast in your garden? And arrange a barbecue or family gatherings at an open fire? We have prepared a material that will help you navigate your own needs and equip your favorite corners on the garden plot.

With the onset of the long-awaited summer, the desire to spend time in the open air grows with each sunny day. Therefore, many are beginning to enthusiastically pick up furniture and light for the design of summer platforms in their homes. Now there are plenty of proposals and options for improvement. In order to understand all the mistakes and make the right choice, we met with an interior designer here in Australia and asked her the most important questions.

In Outdoor Furniture The First Thing Is Material Which Is Very Important

For our unpredictable weather, I recommend choosing items made from artificial rattan. It perfectly tolerates rain, temperature drops, is resistant to dirt and does not fade in the sun. The seating area next to the private house most often represents a certain variation of the living and dining area, so the list of furniture here is quite logical – a sofa with a deep seating, a couple of chairs, a outdoor coffee table and a outdoor dining table with outdoor dining chairs and, of course, proper street lighting. To sustain a single style of furniture, I recommend choosing one manufacturer and staffing all outdoor areas at once. For my projects I choose Indosoul – the company manufactures furniture in different styles and colours, there are only a dozen dining tables here: with a metal base, with a glass tabletop and stone, tables made of natural teak. By the way, teak is a very good option for those who love natural materials. Firstly, it is durable, secondly, it darkens with time and takes on an even nobler look. I really like artificial rattan items in Indosoul, the material itself is as close to natural as possible, and besides, there are no restrictions for designers of flying fantasy – this furniture can be ordered by its own design! If there is a pool near the house, it will need deck chairs and umbrellas. Umbrellas are needed folding, you will remove them for the winter. And preferably with a large coverage area. All the brands at Zanui like Sunlong Australia and Vienna Woods has umbrellas, under which six people can hide from the sun at the same time. Spacious household plots can be divided into zones. For example, a barbecue area with a canopy, pendant lamps, a fire, a table and chairs. Separate relaxation area with a sofa, armchairs, hearth and lanterns stuck into the ground. If you want something unusual, you can arrange a four-poster bed on the garden. You shouldn’t be afraid that it will get dirty or soak in the rain. The brands here like Hartman, The Import Depot, Gardeon, Nova Caeli, Channel Enterprises outdoor lounges are made of temperature-resistant materials, the pillows and mattress are made using the unique Sunbrella fabric, the properties of which allow you to leave the product in the rain without fear: the fabric dries quickly, does not absorb dirt, does not fade in the sun. Another piece of furniture that “asks” on the terrace or in the garden is a hanging chair-swing. They consist of a metal base with reliable fasteners and a cozy “cocoon” with pillows. Openwork weaving protects from the direct rays of the sun, breaking them into hundreds of little rays. In this chair, you can read, drink tea or just nap.

Let’s sum up. In order to choose the most suitable outdoor furniture for you, you need to do the following:

  1. First decide the purpose of the outdoor furniture and the specific areas where it will be used.
  2. Make sure that the manufacturer and suppliers guarantees like Brosa, Interior Secrets and Zanui the resistance of the furniture to the effects of mechanical damage, moisture, as well as high and low temperatures.
  3. Pre-select outdoor furniture and light in the same style for all outdoor options.


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