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Golden Rules In Interior Design Ready for Showtime

Creating an interior design is a creative process that is limited only by imagination and possibilities. Design rules, which are not exactly rules, but rather recommendations, help to understand what you want from the room. Stylish and comfortable interior design is not taken from nowhere, so we will look at 5 main points to create the perfect apartment interior

1. Assigning Rooms

The first thing that is important to determine – the purpose of each room. If you do not know what the room will be for, then no repairs or furniture can make a good design.

To do this, you must take into account the interests and hobbies, daily routine, individual preferences. It is also important to decide which rooms you will need: for example, using the zoning technique, you can combine a kitchen and a dining room.

After that, you can proceed to the layout of the room.


2. The Atmosphere Of The Room

It has been proved by psychologists that the mood and state of a person depend on the mood created in the room. Before you build a home, decide how you feel in it: active or peaceful. It is important to realize that this will affect guests.

For this:

  • Decide on the colour scheme and choose the shade that will reflect your condition.
  • Decide which material is appropriate: natural or artificial.

3. Lighting

The mood and well-being is also influenced by lighting, which can drastically change the atmosphere of the room. Properly placed accents of light help to influence the emotional state.

  • To create a pleasant atmosphere:
  • Do not clutter up the windows – the main light should be natural daylight.
  • Use mirrors or mirror surfaces to help visually enlarge the room.
  • To highlight a specific area in the room (for example, a relaxation area in the bedroom or a work surface in the kitchen), use local lighting: lamps and floor lamps.

4. We Combine The Incompatible

Do not be afraid to mix styles. Replace established rules of design, when vintage and ultramodern things can coexist harmoniously in the same room interior. This also applies to materials: a combination of stone with glass and so on. For example, choosing a neutral colour scheme in the interior design of the living room.


5. Visual Anchors That Define The Interior

What are visual anchors? Think, if you were a guest in your apartment, what would you remember? It is the accent details: objects or colours that catch the eye, make the interior design memorable and original.

Just do not overdo it: there should be no more than 3-5 such visual anchors in the interior design room of one room. And surely between all the details should be the connecting moments, creating a specific scheme. This way you can combine colours or textures.


These are the basic rules of interior design that will help create a favorable atmosphere in a house or apartment. It is not necessary to strictly follow all recommendations, the main thing is to surround yourself with what you like, do not litter the room, know how to part with old and unnecessary things, be guided by your own feelings and emotions. Make your interior design inspiring and pleasing!

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