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6 Best Options Replace A Furniture Wall?

There was not a single Aussie apartment where there was a furniture wall made of polished wood, luxurious at that time. But time passed, and gradually the massive structure began to become obsolete.

It was replaced by lightweight, more modern and not so massive furniture walls. But their age is over. How can we replace such familiar pieces of furniture in our apartments so that the interior looks fresh, elegant and, of course, modern?

Option Number 1

The option of installing a hanging shelf is quite common today. Yes, this will significantly reduce storage options, but it will make your interior more airy, light and modern. By the way, hanging shelves are an ideal solution for apartments that have their own dressing rooms for renting out apartments.

Option Number 2

If, nevertheless, there is a need to place a large number of things, then combined shelves are suitable. By the way, they can be harmoniously combined with the working area. Some elements are allowed to be hidden behind doors. The combination of closeness and openness will keep the air in the room.

Option Number 3

Small areas mean looking for new ideas. So the idea arose to use light book shelves in combination with a practical chests of drawers instead of massive structures. Moreover, you can use the chest of drawers as a stand for TV and other equipment, and put bookcases on either side of it. However, they can be moved to any other place convenient for you.

Option Number 4

If you do not need to place a huge number of items in the living room, then you can get by with installing only one chests of drawers. This multifunctional piece could very well be the highlight of the design of the entire space. 

Option Number 5

Who doesn’t dream of a fireplace? Everybody dreams of a fireplace! Why not give it a little space where the unsightly, massive polished wall used to stand? Many people replace the area where the TV will be located with a fireplace, albeit a decorative one.

Option Number 6

It is not at all necessary to change one for the other. Why not leave this part of the room free of furniture at all? This technique is very often used by interior designers. They prefer to install some kind of decorative elements here – large vases with flowers, large thematic figurines.


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